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Comprehensive House Cleaning, including Move-Ins and Move-Outs

Window Ledges Cleaning

When the rigors of life, family, and work get in the way of basic housekeeping duties like dusting and trash pickup, Cheryl's Cleaning Services, LLC in Brookyln, New York, is here to keep things in order. For new homeowners or renters, we offer detailed move-ins and move-outs, which covers:

• Kitchens
• Cupboards 
• Counters 
• Stoves 
• Dishes
• Floors 
• Living Room 
• Bathrooms 
• Bath Tub and or Shower
• Toilets 
• Mirrors 
• Walls 
• Bedrooms
• Furniture 
• Window Ledges 
Green-Friendly Sanitation Techs

Create a safe and comfortable environment that makes it easy to kick back and relax. With our professional cleaning technicians, not only do we sweep and mop floors, but we also organize common living areas that are often left in shambles from daily activities. When you need a dependable and trustworthy team of cleaners helping you organize your home, look no further.

Give us a call today and schedule regular cleaning and housekeeping services that fit around your busy schedule.